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Love for music, for wood and for artisan tradition...


Wood is one of the most fascinating products nature places at our disposal. Its versatility in crafting and application are hard to beat. For me, the journey from tree to finished product is a new adventure every time. I soon realised that the choice of the appropriate wood as well as optimal pro...
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The Story

About 30 years ago, when I started to build guitars, it was clear to me very quickly that the nuts and bolts of a melodious instrument is a flawless Tonewood. This finding was obtained relatively quickly and easily, the sourcing of this flawless material proved however as a little more difficult...
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At work

Sometimes when I am holding a nice piece of Tonewood in my hands, I am fascinated by the long way one single piece has behind. Years ago, it was part of a tree, which I have discovered in one of our native forests. After the often very amusing conversation with the forest ranger, the beautiful tr...
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Bachmann Tonewood
Lorenz-Leitgeb-Str. 29
I - 39030 Antholz Mittertal (BZ)
Italy (South Tyrol)
VAT-No: IT 0296 7990 215
Tel. +39 0474 492 349





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